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Body Sport® Speed Rope ZZR184VSR

$8.00 each


Product Description

The Body Sport Speed Jump Rope features ball bearings for smooth rotations, making it easier for your hands and wrists to move fluidly. The comfortable padded handles give you a sure grip what won’t leave abrasions or blisters after you’re through. This 9’ Speed Jump Rope is available in vinyl, and all materials are latex-free.


Features ball bearings for smooth, even rotations – easier on the hands and wrists. Features comfortable, padded handles. Premium speed ropes available in vinyl. All Body Sport jump rope materials are latex-free. Length: 9'.


  • Color: Black/Black
  • Length: 9' (5'4" - 5'10" tall)
  • Material: Leather, Vinyl
  • Style: Non-Weighted
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