Gliding Discs SAV100

$23.00 each
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Product Description

Glide your way to a sculpted body

Work multiple muscles while engaging your core with Gliding™ sliding disc exercises. The simplicity of smooth, fluid movement makes this Gliding exercise system extremely versatile equipment to add to your upper and lower body workouts. Gliding discs allow for a more optimal range of motion and incorporates body sculpting, cardio, balance and flexibility elements into all of your routines. Gliding discs are made of high-tech polymer and available in two lightweight designs, one that enables you to slide smoothly on carpeting, the other on hardwood flooring.

  • Incorporate body sculpting, cardio, balance and flexibility into your workout routine
  • Engage muscles through a full range of motion
  • Made of Lightweight, high-tech polymer
  • Available in styles for carpeting or hard flooring