Thera-Loop™ Non-slip Door Anchors THD10801

$3.00 each
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Product Description

Create a Lot of Exercise for a Little Money

The Thera-Loop Non-Slip Door Anchor is quite a handy and useful tool: it’s a no-slip, height-adjustable, loop-shaped piece of door exercise equipment that will allow you to securely attach your resistance bands or resistance tubes onto any door frame. The patented loop is positioned and secured at the needed height on any door frame. You can complete multiple exercises for both the upper and lower body with the Thera-Loop band door anchor, including lat pull-downs, chest presses, leg adductor and abductors, and even rows.

  • Functional with all sizes of both exercise bands and tubing
  • Convenient adjustable height
  • Non-Slip door anchor
  • Available for purchase as a single item, in a 10-pack or in a case of 50
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