Slastix™ 4' Toners, Hard Handles HRK105VLT

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Slastix Exercise Tube Toner

The 4-foot long Slastix exercise tube toners have a patented safety sleeve that covers the resistance tube for added safety and durability. This safety sleeve protects the exercise tube from wear and tear, nicks and cuts, and from being overstretched. The stretch limitation not only protects the exercising user, but it also protects the elastic itself, thus doubling the life of the resistance tube.

  • Build strength and long, lean muscle: purchase your Slastix Exercise Tube Toners today
  • These hard-plastic handled exercise tubes are available in 6 color-coded resistance options
  • To make the bands more versatile, we highly recommend using the Thera-Loop™ Non-Slip Door Anchor around the band for an easy door jam attachment for 2-arm exercises - See 'Related Products' to the right →