Thera-Band® Foam Stability Trainers HYG201GRN

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Improve Your Balance with Beginner & Intermediate Stability Trainers

Introducing Thera-Band’s progressive system of balance training, these stability trainers are oval-shaped, closed cell foam pads. Thera-Band’s levels are color-coded for easy identification: green (firm/beginner) and blue (soft/intermediate). One side of the stability trainers has an anti-slip surface to keep you from sliding; on the other, rounded bumps provide tactile inputs for sensorimotor training. In addition to improving body awareness, stability trainers improve core strength, ankle range of motion/flexibility, and sensorimotor skills.

  • Constructed of durable PVC
  • Heavy gauge side walls maintain the shape of the pad during use
  • Green (14.5" x 8" x 1.75") blue (16"" x 9" x 2")