All coordinated human movements integrate balance, strength and flexibility. The pelvis is the hub between the weight of the upper body or "HAT" (Head, Arms, Trunk) and the forces that are transmitted from the ground up through the body each time the foot hits the ground. The core region must be strong enough to stabilize the high forces of jumping and turning while maintaining the flexibility to keep the pelvis aligned when the body is in various positions. The goal is to stabilize, coordinate, and strengthen the front and deep abdominals, side trunk and low back muscles, creating a hoop or corset of stability around the mid section of the body to protect the spine and provide a strong link between upper and lower body. This will ultimately help the skater maintain the spine in a safe alignment during life and sport activities. This program teaches a progression of core stabilization exercises that begin with isometric strengthening where the muscles contract without movement in the spine or pelvis. Gradually the exercises progress towards isotonic exercises where the spine and pelvic moves with each repetition. Here, the skater gains strength and control in both the concentric and eccentric phases of muscular activation. Power is developed through the use of quicker paced movements, and adding bands or medicine balls.