Sample Workout Plans

Each workout in the Ice Dynamics® training program includes a warm up plus 2 or 3 different workout sections. Every exercise in every workout is linked to an instructional video demo. How does all this work? The workouts are periodized, or cycle through different levels of intensity and areas of concentration. Depending on your competition dates and goals, you pick a training schedule, or 'Map', that fits that target.

Over the year, the training plan draws from 7 different areas needed for comprehensive figure skating conditioning. The 7 areas are: cardio (2 types), interval training (2 types), strength/power (2 types) and flexibility.

Consult your physician/medical personnel before attempting any exercises on this site; proceed at your own risk.

  Elite Competitive Synchro Competitive Junior Competitive
Length of Workout (min) 50 - 60 40 - 50 40 - 50 30 - 40
# of Exercises / Workout 12
+ flexibility
+ flexibility
+ flexibility
+ flexibility
# of Days / Week 5 4 3 3
Challenge Level of Workouts High Medium Medium Low / Medium

Compared to the other Tracks, the Junior Competitive Track has mostly fundemental exercises with fewer exercises per workout, and the shortest total time needed to complete the workout.

The Junior Competitive Track and the Synchro Competitive Track both train 3 days per week. The Synchro Competitive Track is otherwise similar to the Competitive Track in exercise selection, training intensity, and length of time of each workout. The exercises are mostly intermediate, with the remainder split between foundational and more advanced exercises.

The Competitive Track is a 4 day/week plan, and the Elite Track is 5 days/week. The Elite track relies heavily on advanced exercises, has the greatest number of exercises per workout, and the longest expected time to complete the workout.

The number of exercises varies slightly between the Tracks and Phases.

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