Which Track Are You?

which track are you 1

Ice Dynamics® offers 4 separate subscription-based off-ice training programs for skaters from beginner through the international-elite level, including Synchro Teams.

Each "Track" is geared for different skating abilities and competitive goals.

Click on any of these if your skating goal this year is to:

Work on your jumps and compete in open/non-qualifying competitions

You are off to a good start, and should begin with the Junior Competitive Track

Qualify for Adult US Championships

Depending on your level you could use the Junior Competitive Track -or- Competitive Track*

Preliminary - Intermediate Synchro Teams:  Synchro Sectionals

Junior Competitive Track for young / developing teams

which track are you 2

Remain Juvenile and qualify for US Championships with goal of top 5 finish

You are well on your way and should use the Competitive Track

Intermediate - Senior Synchro Teams:  Qualify for US Synchro Championships

The Competitive Synchro Track is for you and your team

Move up to Novice and qualify for US Championships

Going for national spotlight, go with the Competitive Track -or- Elite Track*

Make the Junior World or World Team

You are at the top of your game, and should use the Elite Track

Now find your Key Competition and skating level within your discipline in the chart below.




Synchro Track

Jr Competitive


(Your top goal this year is to qualify/ participate in which major competition?)

Singles/ Pairs/ Dance
Junior → Senior      
Us Championships Intermediate → Senior Juvenile → Senior    
Sectional Intermediate → Senior Juvenile → Senior    
Regional   Juvenile → Senior   No Test → Juvenile
Open/Non‑Qualifying   Juvenile → Senior   No Test → Juvenile
Adult US Championships
  Typically Intermed → Sr.    
Adult Non‑Qualifying & Sectionals       Typically No-Test → Juv.
Synchro US Championships
  Juv. → Senior, Collegiate Juv. → Senior, Collegiate  
Synchro Sectional       Preliminary → Novice
Weekly On-Ice Training 5+ days/ week 4-5 days/ week 3-5 days/ week 3-5 days/ week

Ice Dynamics® Off-Ice Workout Plans
5 days/ week
50-60 minutes,
plus flexibility
15-20 min
4 days/ week
40-50 minutes,
plus flexibility
15 min
3 days/ week
40-50 minutes,
plus flexibility 
15 min
3 days/ week
30-40 minutes,
plus flexibility 
10-15 min

*If you are between 2 Tracks, use your on-ice training schedule as a guide, and choose a track that is realistic and appropriate for you.

Unsure about your track? Consider a shorter subscription to help you decide! You have the option to subscribe for a 3 month trial or a 12-month training plan. Be sure to check out the Sample Workouts Here.

Ready to Sign Up? The Ice Dynamics® program will provide you with a full-year of training that effectively matches on-ice demands.