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Ice Dynamics® is exclusively owned and operated by Kat Arbour. Several years ago she saw a need for specific and comprehensive off-ice training for figure skaters. She combined her lifelong involvement in figure skating and her education in exercise science, physical therapy and biomechanics to conceptualize, develop and implement off-ice training programs for skaters at every competitive level, from beginner through elite.

Kat attained USFS gold test medals in figures, freestyle, and dance. Her education includes a PhD in biomechanics, a masters in exercise science from University of Delaware and a second masters in physical therapy from Hahnemann University (now Drexel University) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. When she coached on-ice, she held PSA Senior Ratings in Moves and Freestyle. Her combined academic education and figure skating knowledge gave her the necessary tools to develop optimal off-ice training aimed at peak performance.

While at University of Delaware, Kat was involved in an ongoing project to help elite skaters land difficult triple and quadruple jumps:

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For her PhD dissertation research, Kat measured and analyzed the takeoff and landing impact of all single, double and triple jumps in figure skating. These articles appeared in Professional Skater Magazine and were written specifically for skating coaches on her findings

Peter Zapalo, M.S., Heidi DeLio Thibert, Kat Arbour, Ph.D., Mitch Moyer, and Jen Burke, M.D. "The Impact of the Impact." Professional Skater Magazine Jan/Feb 2012

Kat Arbour, Ph.D. "The Impact of Impact, Part II" Professional Skater Magazine May/June 2012

She has reached many skaters and coaches through both US Figure Skating and the Professional Skater’s Association by giving presentations, writing articles, helping with seminars, and both chairing and serving on the USFS Sports Science and Medicine Committee.

Kat currently trains skaters off-ice at the Skating Club of Boston in Boston, MA. 

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