How to train like a figure skater

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By Emily Riemer

UPDATED 6:42 AM EST Nov 11, 2015

We're hitting the ice with a world champion synchronized figure skating team. The Haydenettes train in Lexington 4 to 5 days a week.

And we're stealing their work out secrets that will get you in top shape, too.

They make it look easy, gracefully gliding across the ice, but they work hard to look this smooth.

Kat Arbour: "We like to correlate it with running a 4 minute mile with a smile on your face."

And that work starts off the ice. Strength and conditioning coach Kat Arbour says all this helps with agility, balance and coordination, but skaters also need strength and power. High intensity interval training is a big part of their fitness plan.

Kat Arbour: "It starts with about 30 seconds of high intensity exercise with about a minute of recovery in between. And as we go through the season those high intensity sprints go up to the length of time of their program."

Flexibility is another vital piece for lifts like this.

And through it all dont' forget that smile!

"The endurance is really important because you not only need to perform the elements but you need to look great doing it."

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