Synchro Skating!

NEW! Competitive Synhcro Tracks! Perfect for teams! Ice Dynamics announces this exciting new expansion!

Synchronized Skating is rapidly gaining popularity and is on track to eventually become an Olympic sport. The physical demands on Synchro skaters increase as more difficult jumps, lifts, throws, and other elements are added to the repertoire. Conditioning has never been more important for the teams. However, off-ice training for Synchro skaters often does not happen at all due to time or space limitations.

Ice Dynamics® has a solution for training Synchro Teams!

The Competitive Synchro Track has been added to the website to fit the needs of Synchro skaters. It is a full year program with a 3-day/week training plan utilizing minimal or no equipment to make it easy for each skater to workout at home. The workouts are different each day of the week, and the weekly plans change every 2-3 weeks throughout the year. The sequence of off-ice training exactly matches the on-ice competition schedule to helps skaters improve performance over the course of the year and arrive at competition in great condition. 

Each skater has his or her own login/password. This way, each skater is responsible for doing the workouts. The Team Coach can monitor how often each skater on the team logs into the site for training.

All Synchro Teams of 16-25 skaters receive a 33% discount off of the price of the 3 day/week training plan for an individual subscription. This means each skater receives a workout plan worth $300 for $200. If your club has multiple teams, then deeper discounts apply. For the 26th skater and up, a 50% discount applies, and the price is $150.

The Competitive Synchro Track (3 day/week training)
16-25 skaters = $200/skater (33.3% off)
26th skater and up = $150/skater (50% off)

To keep the pricing the same for all skaters, the club can divide the total cost by the number of skaters.  

For example:

  • If 30 skaters sign up together, the price per skater is $192
  • If 50 skaters sign up together, the price per skater is $175
  • If 100 skaters sign up together, the price per skater drops to $162.50

To receive the discount, full payment for the team(s) is due in full up front, then each skater sets up their username password individually. This is a full year plan with 3 days per week of training for every skater on your team.

Each skater will have their own login/password, and agrees to a the single user license agreement, where the same username/password can access the site from a few different devices (smart phone, i pad, computer), but not from many different computers/devices - meaning the whole team can not access the site from a bunch of different devices using 1 subscription with the same username/password. By having each skater use his or her own login, each workout session is logged. Some of the workouts can be done individually, while other workouts can be done together as a team.