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Daily Workout Plans

Each workout in the Ice Dynamics® training program includes a warm up plus 2 or 3 different workout sections. Every exercise in every workout is linked to an instructional video demo. How does all this work? Click here to listen to Kat walk you through accessing a typical daily workout in the 'Elite' section.

Over the year, the training plan draws from 7 different areas needed for comprehensive figure skating conditioning. The 7 areas are: cardio (2 types), interval training (2 types), strength/power (2 types) and flexibility.

Consult your physician/medical personnel before attempting any exercises on this site; proceed at your own risk.

Comparison of Workouts Between Tracks

Compared to the other Tracks, the Junior Competitive Track has mostly fundemental exercises with fewer exercises per workout, and the shortest total time needed to complete the workout.

The Junior Competitive Track and the Synchro Competitive Track both train 3 days per week. The Synchro Competitive Track is otherwise similar to the Competitive Track in exercise selection, training intensity, and length of time of each workout. The exercises are mostly intermediate, with the remainder split between foundational and more advanced exercises.

The Competitive Track is a 4 day/week plan, and the Elite Track is 5 days/week. The Elite track relies heavily on advanced exercises, has the greatest number of exercises per workout, and the longest expected time to complete the workout.

  Elite Competitive Synchro Competitive Junior Competitive
Length of Workout (min) 50 - 60 40 - 50 40 - 50 30 - 40
# of Exercises / Workout 12
+ flexibility
+ flexibility
+ flexibility
+ flexibility
# of Days / Week 5 4 3 3
Challenge Level of Workouts High Medium Medium Low / Medium

The number of exercises varies slightly between the Tracks and Phases. 

Daily Warmup Sample

  • Goal:  Warm up exercises prepare the athlete for training by gradually increasing the heart rate and muscle temperature through mobilizations, mobility movements, light cardio activity, and quick-paced movements.
  • Instructions:  A 10-15 minute warm-up precedes workouts and skating sessions when first getting to the rink, or after a long break between sessions. 


Glute, IT Band, Calf, Groin, Mid Back - Slowly roll 5-10 x each.
Equipment: Foam Roller  
Click on the picture to the right to see the Mobilization video demo.


Mobility Movements A

10 Calf/side, 4 UpDownDog, 2 Spiderman/side.
No Equipment Needed
Click on the picture to the right to see the Mobility Movements A video demo.


Please note: These are only 2 of the 5 warmup concentrations

A Sample Workout Section

The workouts in the Ice Dynamics® plan cover the range of intensites needed for figure skating. All workouts include a set warm up and sections for core exercises and flexibility. Strength workouts are total body training, and exercises are typically competed in short circuits for each body region. The strength exercises vary in intensity, depending on the time of year. Other workout types include High Intensity Interval Training-Long and High Intensity Interval Training-Short, to work different aspects of the anaerobic system, and High Intensity Cardio Training - a blend of strength and high intensity drills for an overall cardio effect, and Cardio - steady state cardio training that can be complete on stationary cardio equipment.

Here is a typical Total Body Strength workout from the Competitive Track for the Late-Off-Season phase.

This particular TBS workout has 12 exercises, 4 each for lower body (LB), upper body (UB) and core strength (CS). The total number of exercises in a Strength workout varies throughout the year depending on the phase and track. Each daily workout, along with warmup exercises, will also finish with Flexibility exercises and stretches. Depending on the Track and Phase the workouts may also include a regular Cardio section.

Click on the exericse name to see the video demo, and then perform the exercise with the listed equipment. All of the workouts in the whole plan use the same minimal amount of equipment. Notice the DropDown arrow next to some of the exericses. Here, you can access similar exercises using different equipment options to add variety to your workouts.

Total Body Strength

Instructions: Complete each exercise for the indicated number of repetitions or indicated time (see the chart below). Recover 10 seconds between exercises in the same circuit. If applicable, do both the left and right sides of the exercise before moving on.

Complete all exercises in the circuit once then rest 2 minutes between circuits. Repeat the same circuit a total of 3 times. Now progress to the next circuit and follow the same format.

 Recommended →   reps: 8-11   sets: 3-4   
Circuit 1 LB JumpSquatSLSingle Leg Squat to Single Leg Jump-
or → LB BoxJump1FootSingle Leg Box Jumpbox  
  LB JumpRopeJackVJSkiBellJump Rope - Skiers, Bell, Jacks, V-Jumpsjump rope
or → LB BoxStepUpJumpAltAlternating Step Up Jumpsbox  
  LB LungeStepFwd-BandRow2ArmFastStep Fwd Lunge to Row - Bandsbands
or → LB SquatSLToeOnBoxSingle Leg Pop Ups - Toe on Boxbox, dumbbells  
  LB JumpSquatPrison3Burpee13 Squat Jumps - Hands Behind Head / 1 Burpee-  
Circuit 2 UB PullUpChinUpPull Up or Chin Uppull up bar
or → UB LatPullDownFlatBackBandsLat Pull Downbands  
  UB ChestFlyDBSBChest Fly - Stability Ball - DBdumbbell, stability ball
or → UB ChestFlyFastFast Chest Flybands  
  UB ProneT3WaySB3 Arm Positions in Tdumbbell, stability ball
or → UB TSpeedFast Tbands  
  UB ChestPressDBSBChest Press - Stability Ball - DBdumbbell, stability ball
or → UB ChestPressBand2ArmChest Pressbands  
Circuit 3 CS Crunch1FootWallSB Crunch SB - 1 Foot on Wallstability ball
or → CS Crunch1FootCrunch - 1 Knee Bent or 1 Foot In/Out-  
  CS LogRollTuckSBProgressionLog Rolls - Reverse Tuckstability ball
or → CS BirdDogNoEqFRBird Dog Progressionsnone or foam roller  
  CS ProneBridgeToPlankSBProne Bridge Press to Plank - Stability Ballstability ball
or → CS PlankSupineProgressionSupine Plank Progressionsnone or box  
  CS PronePlankHipHikeOHPrSBProne Hip Hike SB – Over Head Pressstability ball
or → UB SoccerTossBandsMB1MB2Soccer Toss - Bands or MBbands or medicine ball  


As mentioned above, each Daily Workout always finishes with a Flexibility section. The new workouts cycle you through 12 different areas of concentration and vary depending on the Track and Phase. This particular Flexibility chart is for Hips and General lower body. Each daily Flexibility is broken into 2 parts: Mobilization, and Flexibility, both important for the healthy stretching and lengthening of muscle groups.

  Hips, General DescriptionEquipment 
  Fx FRHamstringHamstring Mobilization - FRfoam roller  
  Fx ForBendToFullSquatForward Bend to Full Squat-  
  Fx ChildPoseChild's Pose-  
  Fx HalfStraddleSeated Half Straddle-  
  Fx Knee1ChestPROM1 Knee to Chest - Passive ROM-  
  Fx HamstringSupineSupine Hamstring-  
  Fx HookLyingKneeToKneePullInHook Lying Hip Adb Stretch-  
  Fx HipRollHip Rolls - Knees Side to Side-  
  Fx HookLyingCrisCrossTwistCriss Cross Twist - Cross Legs Side to Side-  
  Fx SupineKneeUpOutKneeExtSupine Straddle Stretch - Leg Out to Side-  
  Fx SupineKneeUpOutKneeFlxSupine Groin Stretch - Knee Out to Side-  
  Fx SupineLegUpArcossKneeFloorSupine Twist - Leg Across-  
  Fx Supine-LegUpArcossShoulder-FloorSupine Twist - Leg Across, Shoulder to Floor-  


What Kind of Equipment Do You Need?

A minimal amount of exercise equipment is needed to successfully compete the workouts. You can complete ALL workouts using nothing other than this core of equipment.

Needed Equipment Kat's Favorite Picks
Fitness Ball Body Sport® Studio Series Charcoal Fitness Balls
Strap for stretching Body Sport® Stretch Strap
Full foam roller High Density Foam Rollers Full Round 36"
Exercise mat Body Sport® Fitness Mats
Small resistance loop Body Sport® Exercise Loops 12"® Exercise Loops 12"
Exercise bands with handles Slastix 4' Toners - Hard Handles
Jump rope Body Sport® Speed Ropes


For added versatility, you have the option to use additional equipment if your workout space allows it. Most of the workouts give suggestions to swap out some exerises and use these other equipment options.

Additional Equipment Kat's Favorite Picks
Multi-directional balance equipment BOSU Balance Trainer
(Sports Balance Trainer)
Uni-directional balance equipment High Density Foam Rollers Half Round, 12"
Large resistance loop Body Sport® Super Loop 41" Band
Cones or hurdles Body Sport® Cones
Agility ladder Body Sport® Ladder
Medicine balls - bounce Body Sport® Medicine Balls
Soft medicine balls - no bounce Body Sport® Wall Ball
Steps or Boxes The High Step - Platform + 4 Risers


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