Questions & Answers

We know there are many questions you must have about a program like this. Here are some quick answers for the most basic (click each for answers)

Do I need a personalized training plan?

It is my experience over the years of doing personalized training plans for hundreds of skaters that finally brought me to the decision to do the website with detailed plans based on both skating level and competition goals. Most skaters simply need a plan to follow that helps them arrive injury-free in peak condition for competition. This is exactly what the Ice Dynamics® training plans do!

Skaters typically need to work on a specific area of weakness or tightness, and the training plans presented in this program will address these issues. The weekly training plan changes every 1-2 weeks. By changing the plans frequently, the different aspects of training subtly change over time and conditioning steadily improves. The different phases of training cover a full range of exercises over the course of the year for developing strength, power, agility, stamina and flexibility with the goal of skating in peak physical condition for competitions.

Skaters with specific injuries should be seen in person by medical personnel who can give specific rehabilitation recommendations, and can help guide the skater back to full training

How does all this work? What are the 'Training Maps' and how do I use them to work out?

The 'Maps' are simply pull-down menus that you use to get to your individual daily workouts. They correspond to your chosen competitions. As you work through the year they point you to different weekly workout routines. The site has many different combinations to fit most skater's needs in terms of U.S. competitions. If you are an international skater, or are targeting specific competitions outside the U.S. yearly schedule please contact Kat and she can set you up a special map sequence to follow.

Do the workouts change every year?

Yes, the workouts change each year. Ice Dynamics® will incorporate new video clips and exercises into the new and different workout plans each year!

What if I do not see my competition schedule on the site?

Please contact Kat if you do not see a plan on the site that aligns with your competition schedule. Kat will develop schedules as needed to fit your competitive needs. The updated schedules will be made available to you on the site.

Will I be able to use the site on my phone/tablet?

Yes! The site is fully responsive, which means it will scale up and down depending on the size of the screen you are using. Try it out on your phone, your iPad, your laptop or your desktop. Always remember to log out when you are finished, and please don't share your username or password with anyone else.

If a coach, club or trainer wants has multiple skaters, can they purchase one subscription and share the username and password?

No, the subscription plan comes with a Single-User License to access the site. If the same username and password are used across multiple devices beyond what is expected for a single-user, Ice Dynamics® has the right to cancel the membership immediately.

Is there a discount for a Multi-Use License if a coach, club or trainer wants to use the program?

When multiple skaters sign up together for full-year plans, they are eligible for group rates!

Skaters within the Group may sign up for different Tracks, and they do not have to be from the same coach or skating club. It is easiest if one credit card payment is made for all subscriptions in the group, however multiple credit cards can be used if payments are made at the same time. Simply arrange your group ahead of time, and then contact us to discuss specific details.

Groups of:

  • 10-15 skaters signing up for same or different tracks: 10% discount
  • 16 or more skaters signing up for different tracks: 20%discount
  • 16-25 skaters signing up for SAME track: 33% discount

Can I change tracks?

If you are unsure about which Track is right for you, then go with the less intensive Track and try it out for a week. If you think you need to move up we can switch you to the next higher Track and you only pay the difference.

If I want the right equipment, what are the most commonly used items?

One of the first questions I'm often asked is, "What kind of equipment do I need to do the workouts?"  Many of the exercises can be done without any equipment at all, but it also depends on your Track and skating level.

The new workouts (coming soon to Elite, Competitive, and Jr Competitive) all have variations on exercises to give you the widest possible freedom of equipment choices - many have 'no-equipment' alternatives. But to get the MOST out of your daily workouts there are some items that you really should have on hand.

Below are my top picks of items we currently carry in the Ice Dynamics® Store, with links to their product pages. Obviously this list is a suggestion, not a requirement, meant simply as a guide.

Minimal Equipment

A minimal amount of exercise equipment is needed to successfully compete the workouts. You can complete ALL workouts using nothing other than this core of equipment.

Needed Equipment Kat's Favorite Picks
Fitness Ball

Body Sport® Studio Series Charcoal Fitness Balls

Strap for stretching Body Sport® Stretch Strap
Full foam roller High Density Foam Rollers Full Round 36"
Exercise mat Body Sport® Fitness Mats
Small resistance loop Body Sport®  12" Exercise Loops
Exercise bands with handles Slastix 4' Toners - Hard Handles
Jump rope Body Sport® Speed Ropes