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The Ice Dynamics® Store carries a wide selection of the equipment you see in our videos! Each piece of training equipment featured here perfectly compliments your training plans and will give you even better results. Check back often to see new items.

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Kat's Equipment Picks

store-equipment-smallOne of the first questions I'm often asked is, "What kind of equipment do I need to do the workouts?"  Many of the exercises can be done without any equipment at all, but it also depends on your Track and skating level.

The new workouts for Elite, Synchro, Competitive, and Jr Competitive all have variations on exercises to give you the widest possible freedom of equipment choices - many have 'no-equipment' alternatives. But to get the MOST out of your daily workouts there are some items that you really should have on hand.

Below are my top picks of items we currently carry in the Ice Dynamics® Store, with links to their product pages. Obviously this list is a suggestion, not a requirement, meant simply as a guide.

Minimal Equipment

A minimal amount of exercise equipment is needed to successfully complete the workouts. You can complete ALL workouts using nothing other than this core of equipment.

Needed Equipment Kat's Favorite Picks
Fitness Ball

Body Sport® Studio Series Charcoal Fitness Balls

Strap for stretching Body Sport® Stretch Strap
Full foam roller High Density Foam Rollers Full Round 36"
Exercise mat Body Sport® Fitness Mats
Small resistance loop Body Sport®  12" Exercise Loops
Exercise bands with handles Slastix 4' Toners - Hard Handles
Jump rope Body Sport® Speed Ropes