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Which 'Track' Are You?

Ice Dynamics® offers subscription-based off-ice training programs for 4 separate tracks of skaters from beginner through the international-elite level, including Synchro Teams. Each track is geared for different skating abilities and competitive goals. To help you decide your Track, ask yourself this:  


What is your skating goal this year?

  • Work on your jumps and compete in open/non-qualifying competitions
       →   Junior Competitive Track
  • Qualify for Adult US Championships 
       →   Junior Competitive Track -or- Competitive Track*
  • Preliminary - Intermediate Synchro Teams - Synchro Sectionals 
       →   Junior Competitive Track for young / developing teams
  • Remain Juvenile and qualify for US Championships with goal of top 5 finish 
                 →   Competitive Track
  • Intermediate - Senior Synchro  Teams - Qualify for US Synchro Championships 
                 →   Competitive Synchro Track
  • Move up to Novice and qualify for US Championships 
                 →   Competitive Track -or- Elite Track*
  • Make the Junior World or World Team 
                                →   Elite Track

Now look at the chart below. Find your Key Competition and skating level within your discipline. *If you are between 2 Tracks, notice that the number of days per week for on-ice and off-ice training varies between the Tracks. Use this information to choose a track that is realistic and appropriate for you.

You have the option to subscribe for a 3 month trial or a 12-month training plan. If you are unsure about your track, consider a shorter subscription to help you decide! Be sure to check out the Sample Workouts Here.

Ready to Sign Up? The Ice Dynamics® program will provide you with a full-year of training that effectively matches on-ice demands.





Synchro Track

Jr Competitive


(Your top goal this year is to qualify/ participate in which major competition?)

Singles/ Pairs/ Dance
Junior → Senior      
Us Championships Intermediate → Senior Juvenile → Senior    
Sectional Intermediate → Senior Juvenile → Senior    
Regional   Juvenile → Senior   No Test → Juvenile
Open/Non‑Qualifying   Juvenile → Senior   No Test → Juvenile
Adult US Championships
  Typically Intermed → Sr.    
Adult Non‑Qualifying & Sectionals       Typically No-Test → Juv.
Synchro US Championships
  Juv. → Senior, Collegiate Juv. → Senior, Collegiate  
Synchro Sectional       Preliminary → Novice
Weekly On-Ice Training 5+ days/ week 4-5 days/ week 3-5 days/ week 3-5 days/ week

Ice Dynamics® Off-Ice Workout Plans
5 days/ week
50-60 minutes,
plus flexibility 15-20 min
4 days/ week
40-50 minutes,
plus flexibility 15 min
3 days/ week
40-50 minutes,
plus flexibility 15 min
3 days/ week
30-40 minutes,
plus flexibility 10-15 min
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